housework, and above all I should get out of this stuffy room. I felt the fat on my legs, my stomach, and my butt formally grow from second to second. At every bite, every sight, in the mirror of my body dripping with fat, and every drop of blood that ran down my arms, I heard the voice deep in my heart. "You are so disgusting, look at yourself, you are so disgusting, so disgusting, a fat, stupid cow. No one needs you. On the contrary, they are all happy when they finally get rid of you. "I tried to listen and the voice in my head with it by I turned my stereo to full volume. But the more I tried the more my second self became more insistent. I ran out

of the room and into the pouring rain. The tears ran down my face irresistibly and mixed with the blood, which still ran over my arm and formed a small, red pool on the floor. I was still crying. The rain got stronger and I started to run. Even if I were strictly against it, I could not help it. Today was Sunday, November 26th, 26th November, a date, I knew, I would not be able to forget all my life. I still saw this day when my life began to fade from day to day, as if it had been only last week. Actually it could have been a wonderful day. That the sun was shining at the time, I can not forgive this horrible day-and I will never. At such moments, I am cursing
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Incradible faliste Płyty
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Best warszawa remonty
this is a look life
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Great photos like looking at them .
Your photography work is stunning.
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We love your work Tristan. We know the area very well! Good luck.
Website looking good, Tris - you deserve loads of luck with this venture.
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